#baghag for lyfe



Baghaggin like a real hag these days. When I moved my stuff out of the classroom this spring, I found a big box of balled up plastic bag yarn that I guess I must have balled up over the last couple of years. It’s all separated by color and texture. I remember doing it, but I had forgotten that I had brought it to class.

Plastic bag balls.

It’s one of my most favorite upcycle projects to take single-use bags and turn them into something sturdy and reusable. I carry a rather unsubtle distaste for trash culture, and single-use bags are the ultimate symbol of blind consumerism.

Anyway, I’ve been winging the pattern. I’m knitting it with a yarn-over and knitting two together alternated with a regular stockinette stitch. I made the bottom a classic stockinette, then picked up stitches all the way around, then ballooned the stitches by adding one stitch for every one picked up.

The bottom.
the yarn over detail.

The idea for this bag is to act like a harvesting bag at the garden. I want dirt to be able to be shaken out of the big, lacy holes, but not so big that the goods fall out.

I’m thinking that in about another three inches, I’ll start decreasing the stitches to make a teardrop shape. I’m not sure if I’ll knit handles or use wooden ones. I like both.

I’ll update as it progresses.


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