Bag of Bags

My bag of bags is finally finished! I used probably about 100 one-use plastic bags to make this multi use bag. It took about a month to make, but I wasn’t consistent in knitting time, just little by little.

Also, I found that the little produce bags were the nicest to knit. Very silky. I can actually imagine using those for garments of some sort.

I’m happy with the end result. I didn’t use a pattern; I just knit organically, starting on the round, bottom up and increasing as necessary until I got the circumference I wanted. I continued in a tube for a couple of inches, then  I divided the stitches in half and decreased to the shoulder turn; on the turn, I used a double knit (eye of partridge stitch) and then increased to finally graft the strap to the body with a kitchener stitch.  super fun!


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