Author: kmarion

Threading the Line

Untitled (in progress), Started 09-2010 Analogous Color Embroidery Thread on Linen; finished size undetermined. [singlepic id=294 float=left] As an extension to the drawings on paper, I have started working with embroidery thread on linen. To mimic the pencil drawings, I have chosen to work with analogous colored threads with a green or brown hue for their “natural”...

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What’s Done Is Done

It’s been a little more than a year since I started making the box drawings: some months working ferociously with a few stretches of lonely weeks between marks; but all the same, working. I’m not one to talk about my work on the daily, so I haven’t had a lot of conversations about the drawings, but tonight I was talking with a close friend about the idea of applying for graduate school and I realized how much work I’ve done mentally without vocalization.

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