Almost finished with one small hitch

January 7, 2023

Wellp: I’m nearly finished with Nonna’s coat liner replacement and overall repair. I still need to hemo the lower edge of the liner, and I think I’ll likely need to re-do the sleeves.

I noticed when I test-fit the coat that the sleeve hems at the cuff pull the e cuff up too high, and I am realizing I never measured the sleeve.

It won’ be too terrible of a fix. I can do it one of two ways:

1) I can unpick the hem and stitch another inch or so onto the existing sleeve liner

2) I can add an inch to paper patter, recut the pieces, then remove and replace the sleeve.

Option 2 might be the cleanest option, but option & might be the quickest.

Though, to be honest, sometimes the quickest way is the one you think would take longer. I’ll need to sit on it a minute..

Tomorrow I will procure the replacement buttons and make a decision about this sleeve situation.


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