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Baby had beets for breakfast.

Yesterday was baby Aivar’s birthday; he turned one.  It’s really kind of hard to believe he’s already one. And in another way, it’s hard to believe he is only one. The last time we saw him (Thanksgiving), he was doing his “stanky leg” crawl, and now he’s running around like a maniac; he’s got a good, solid vocabulary, and he’s communicating fairly well. He’s an agreeable child: he doesn’t complain much, and this time he didn’t even cry when he saw Justin.


at 6 months photo @eggie

He is an observant child. He didn’t cry this time, but he clings to his parents when we’re around. Eggie swears he doesn’t do this with other people, but I’m not bothered by it. Justin & I are independent souls, and “new” can be weird to a new person whose each day feels like a lifetime. By his perspective, maybe he hasn’t seen us in years! Eggie and I agree that he is picking up on our vibrations, and that he’s just not sure what to make of them. I’m okay with all of it.  Sometimes ultracool is hard to comprehend.

He always warms up, though; See exhibit A:


at 3 mos, photo @eggie

I am so glad we could get out to see them all today. We even got to see močiutė and senelis for an after-lunch coffee & Lithuanian sweets. Virginija was so good to save us a couple of the chocolate-covered prunes that we love so much. Aivar is a pretty lucky kid to have so many people in love with him! I’m glad we get to be two of them!

Happy Birthday, little friend!