Ah, well…

So my sourdough starter went bad somehow and now I’ll have to wait almost a month before I can make sourdough again. Grrrr. So instead, today I thought I’d try a couple baguettes of French Bread.

I don’t know why it didn’t rise very well; it could have been that the milk I used was too hot and killed the yeast or the yeast has already died or my hands have turned into stones capable of producing next to nothing but dirt and grit.

One way or another, despite my persistence, they didn’t rise much and so we got these kind of sissy baguettes.

Which rose a little in the oven, but not much. They tasted great, though. I have become fond of brushing the tops of my loaves with milk instead of water or egg. It gives them a nice, rich sheen.

It’s all fine, though, because I’ll just use them for sub sandwiches tomorrow, which should pretty much take care of one whole “baguette” between the two of us and the other I’ll use for the French Onion Soup I had already intended on making later this week.

In fact, it’s “French Week” at the Lewis / Marion residence… we found these spectacular French sparkling “lemonades” to go with the soup.

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