A Walk in the Woods

Yesterday, Justin & I met up with the MacMillans to take a good walk out along the Blackstone River in Lincoln. The trail is paved for bikes, which is nice, so I suppose technically it’s only halfway “in the woods.”

It was a perfectly cool day – weather much like a normal Monterey day: slightly damp with a chill, but not at all uncomfortable. We found some acorns and some neat looking red foliage on otherwise bare trees. Along the river bank, Justin found some wild onion. He said that growing up in Maryland that he used to find wild onion in the creeks, cracks and neighbor’s yards all the time. I’ve never found it before, but If I had, I probably would have just mistook it for patches of grass.


Bruno MacMillan was totally diggin’ th park. He got to run like the wind; to find his inner Retriever; to become freed from the brutal restrictions of the leash. Bruno’s a true Bohemanine. He’s all about the run of it.





We all thought it’d be fun to take a self portrait, including me. I laughed when I looked up the images on the SD card because the first one (on the left) contains “classic Keri face” looking extra excited, as I always do in timer photographs. It’s almost like I wait till the very last second and then in some freakshow of wild anticipation I open my mouth, raise my eybrows and hold my breath. Every time.


One day I should arrange a series of photos that exemplify this point. My facial expression is always the same and I’m almost always in the back, like almost as if I’m jumping. Also because I set the camera then ran to position, Bruno would get especially excited and start to jump around like a dog.


Murray had us stand in front of this awesome rock (which is freakishly similar in visual texture of a project I’ve been working on). But mostly I just wanted to show you how cute we are.

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