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A Walk in the Woods

A couple weeks ago, Justin & I went for a walk down the East Bay Bike Path to find suitable hooping scenery, when Justin stumbled upon a geocache on the abandoned rail lines.  It was a pill container stuffed in the arm of a train track. Justin thought it seemed “out of place,” and when he picked it up, he saw some neatly-folded paper inside. When he opened it, he saw that what he had found was a geocache.  Since then we’ve tried to spend a little time hunting them down around the city.

Today’s adventure was to be directed by a state landmark. I told Justin that I thought I was familiar with the area, since I have been trying to find scenic hooping spots for the last couple of months. I knew the area all the way to the end of the road; from there, I wasn’t sure.

So we went to the place I knew, along the shoreline of the Seekonk River, which today, was all covered in ice.


But where we wanted to be was up a little further at the edge of the train tracks that used to connect the bridge from Fox Point to East Providence. So we went a-hunting.

We worked our way through some brush and found a little pathway with an abandoned boat and a few other river-bound objects.

Picture 12

Then we saw the old train tracks and followed them to the Crooks Point Bascule Bridge.

Picture 11

We never did find the geocache, but the walk that was just a few blocks from our house and down a little path was well worth the effort. We’ll go back to look for it next weekend.

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