A Fresh New Look for Spring!

I’m here to announce some big changes to come on the blog/ site, etc over the next thirty days.

First, I’ll be separating the food section into its own site, complete with many kinds of media resources including videos, happenings, books & political activism (forkified!).

Here’s a screenshot of what is to come:

But it’s just a smattering. There’s a lot more than this coming, including some interactivity and tons and tons of reading, writing and investigating!

Justin was kind enough to build the layout for me, and I went in and spruced it up with some fluff after him. We’re both very excited about the food site.

Also, I’m interviewing with the public darkroom this Tuesday night, so I’ll have another section of the site to design for the pinholes where I will have prints for sale and equipment for trade, lo-tech photography resources, etc.

And of course, an art section that is separate (but some how connected) to the pinhole section. I’m not sure how all that will work out yet. But I’m simply concentrating on one thing at a time, and I’m not one to slack on what is abundant: food it must be!

We’ve had so many projects going on t his winter, it’s almost unthinkable how we got through, but I suppose the dark days and cold weather really helped. Now things are really starting to snap together, clean up, finish, move on.. you get the point.

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