A Day in the Life….

Okay, so I ordered some stuff off the internet, but it’s from a Vermont company, so I don’t feel all that bad about it. 🙂 King Arthur Flours has a huge shop online with all kinds of specialty bread making equipment that I haven’t found locally yet, not even in specialty stores.

So tomorrow I should have on hand a new dough whisk (that will hopefully ease some of my mixing burden), some fresh sourdough starter, New England style, a POUND of yeast ($5, yo!) and a bread slasher (French Grignette or American Lame, pronounced luh-may). So watch out! This week, Mama Marion might whip up a baguette or five. I guess it depends on the starter and how long it takes to “start.”

Tonight, though, easy breasy. I’m going into the studio to work on the Gammon piece (I’m so close… I just want it to be finished, magically!) and also to watch “How to Draw a Bunny,” a documentary on artist Ray Johnson, the gran’pappy of mail art. Maybe it will inspire me.

Oh, and I’ll also make another loaf of sweet Obama Sandwich Bread of Freedom, heavy on the wheat for America. Cuz even a heathen socialist like me can get teary-eyed and patriotic after a damned good speech.

I’d also like to wish the best of luck to my friend and brother-by-mother T-Dogg (double G for his superior “gangsta” status), on his subarctic marathon expedition in Antarctica. The crazy gene does exist in the family, but luckily he got most of it.

Anyway, apparently there’s not a lot of satellite coverage for the internet in Antarctica, so he’ll be out of commission for a full week. I think it’s good for him, but even better for me cuz now I can answer my phone knowing he can’t be on the other end.

Just kidding… I’m not going to start answering the phone.

Uh… let’s see. What else? I miss Pono .. turns out the dog’s name was actually not Bono and really is Pono after all, which in Hawaiian means “right” as in “correct” or “righteous.”

He was such a great guest. I had an idea to build a land bridge for him between our two houses so he could just come over whenever he wanted to. Same with the baby, Alejandro (he’s just the cutest thing.. I’ll have to get some pictures!). Alejandro could just ride Pono like a horse over the makeshift land bridge. In my head, it rules.

And tomorrow, Joanna is coming over so I can check out her newfangled pinhole machine. I’m joining the public darkroom in Providence within the next month (as soon as I can scrape up the funds) so expect some new pinholes from me pretty soon.

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a Bridge! A Bridge!

hey, I think that pic of J and Ponorama should go on icanhascheezburger with it linking to your site.

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